About us

Our Business Began

Late 2016 as one of the first Beard Oil brands with locally sourced natural ingredients manufactured right here in South Africa. Our product not only assists in grooming and maintaining beards but promotes growth and keeps skin and beard healthy and germ-free.

Initially we only developed a beard oil but the demand soon increased which lead to the development of our soothing beard balm and our beard wash formulated to keep germs at bay. Our range featured on TydMetAlyt and stocked at selected Medicare pharmacies.

Keep it Classic!

About us

Chivalry and gentlemen are nearly extinct among today's society. Although it is a trait admired and respected by many it isn't inculcated enough. Our tieline "Whatever you do, Keep it Classic" means that a classy gentleman should be wise in decision-making, polite, has integrity, is modest and distinguished in all he does. From the way he ties his shoe laces to the way her lights up a smoke.

He is Polite and takes a genuine interest in the people around him and is always considerate of their needs. He thinks before he speaks or acts.
He is modest, he isn't showy and boastful but humble and modest. People know of him are based on what he did not what he says. His not Classy gentlemen cocky or arrogant.
He is honest and does what he says, his word is his word. He has high moral standards and ethics. He is truthful and accountable for his actions.
He hold doors for people, pulls out chairs for women when they sit, he does the things you've seen classy men do in old movies.
His clean and well groomed. Grooming is essential to class. His hair and fingernails should be short and neat. His beard soft, shiny and grease free. His clothes fit his body and he smells good.
His comfortable in his own skin and body. He dresses the part and wears clothes that fit the situation. His neat and fashionable, but understated.