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Why you should wash your beard

A healthy beard depends on, Why should you wash and groom your beard? Like all important things in life, a beard’s success depends on the amount of work you put in. Simply put, those mighty examples of facial hair you see across adorning magazine spreads and leaving popular barbershops on a daily basis don’t just happen. That’s why we created our complete range of the Classic Man Beard Oil care products.

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The Classic Man Beard Oil Co. product range

So a healthy diet, exercise and enough sleep is fundamental to do with looking good! But, you still need to groom yourself, for everything else use whatever you please but when it comes to your beard The Classic Man Beard Oil Co. has all that you need.

We have developed a beard wash that gently cleans your beard while removing all germs without completely stripping the skin of its natural moisture. One of the most popular questions we receive is, “Why should I wash my beard with a special beard cleanser?” Our response, facial hair acts as a natural filter for dust particles, germs, food and so much more. It acts as a barrier to your mouth and nose and protects against harmful bacteria entering your body. Keeping it clean is essential to staying healthy.

We have added a Beard sanitiser to our beard cleansing products to deliver extra protection during this period.